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Licenio helped career service company to build their customers management suystem


The company provides a range of careers advice and career training services for job seekers to find better opportunities. 

After discussion and analysis of the client business, our team designed a CRM platform, which would be suited to the company’s business needs. As a result of consulting, they  build a CRM system and a User booking & training platform. It reduce the chaos of internal data management, increase the efficiencies of managing multiple disparate channels of client engagement.

Licenio helped our client who is leisure centre and hospitality industry to build their sales platform and management portal.


The company is in a hospitality leisure sector and running series of leisure centre. They have urgent needs of building a booking system as well as sales management internal platform. They enquired us about the solutions for creating a booking system to integrate with their current website and a back office management system to view, edit, manage all bookings and timeslots. We have given them various different options and different approaches to get the booking system done and integrated. 

Licenio helped our client who is beauty ecommerce business to build and upgrade their website and platform for better performance and data processing


The client was a Retail Commerce who sell beauty products. They are looking to redo their websites and to connect it with a new full powered ecommerce system. We have given a full comprehensive suggestions and they have then choose one of our recommended way to upgrade their system. A new data processing and virtualisation platform are discussed and client wants to gain more insights from their sales and customer data including abandon cart and user journey analysis.

Licenio helpped client who is one of the largest lighting manufacturer to a solution of resrource and stock management system.


The company develops LED lighting technology and operates specified lightings to wholesale, retail stores in diverse locations around the world. They are looking to build up a digitalised catalog to help sales and stock tracking in different locations of warehouses, maintain control over the sales, ordering and distribution process. Consultations were given about how to rapidly integrate new applications and figure out how to store data for many scenario types including analytical products and forecasting demand.

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