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At OrbitX, we help people to see and understand their data. Gone are the days when insights from data were restricted to a few erudite analysts and IT professionals.

The era of data discovery presents a new set of challenges for IT. There is still the necessity for metadata management, and ensuring the security of sensitive information. The ability to scale is has become more important than ever - because the value of your data increases with the number of people who are able to make use of it.

Our enterprise platform will address all of these issues and more, so you can ensure you have a solution that can respond to this new, rapidly advancing concept of data discovery and self-service analytics.

Most of our clients would seek for a consultation first to get to know what options they have. They would also like to have an idea of the estimate cost of each solution. We have offered them solutions in different aspects, from website improvement to customer management system, from new native app to better data collection user flow. From those experience we feel the enormous need for businesses of technology consulting and solution. That's why Licenio is here.

Licenio set meetings up to help understanding clients' requirements and concepts


All of our team members have been employed for their unique skills and talent, working together in a harmonious and creative working environment.



Founder and Principal

Felix has more than 15 years industry experience. Worked more than 10 years in Global Fortune Top 500 and Top 100 UK Companies. Alumnus of King's Artificial Intelligence. Expertise in software solutions and machine learning. Experienced in the development and management of hundreds big enterprise software projects. Recently focusing on data science area.

Project manager


Project Manager

Tina has more than 8 years working in multi disciplinary teams of business, product and technology. Worked as product owner in Unilever and studied at UCL in Human Computer Interaction (HCI).



Senior Developer

Oleh has more than 5 years product production experience as software developer. He uses all the advanced languages including React, React Native, Node.js, MongoDB, Next, Swift, Objective C.



VP Marketing

Vanessa worked in the Worlds Top 500 as digital marketing executive. Many years marketing research and digital marketing experience. She has profound knowledge in Marketing and social media.

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