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Licenio helps businesses to develop innovative strategies to achieve better growth

Developing Innovative Strategies



Technology underpins everything you do, and we do. It brings new opportunities and presents new challenges. It helps connect and power strategies, processes, people and tools. And doing so can help you find new paths to growth and resilience. We will work with you to define your technology vision and make it a reality.


We give you access to a set of solutions, frameworks and accelerators. And they help you sustain high performance in a fast-moving digital world. We have different packages for different needs, begin with an initial consulting and advise, to detailed solution plans as well as budget breakdown. We offer solution quote and estimate, or we can help you understand the quotes you get from elsewhere. We also do trainings for you to have better understanding with tech concept.


We have ongoing projects with clients including banking, retails, hospitality, e-commerce, manufacturer, as well as education sectors, Arts & Design and Marketing Firms. Whether it is creating a new website, or creating cloud service with machine learning automation, we can help you get to outcomes faster and outpace disruption.

Licenio is a company that help business to deal with the new data driven world


Licenio is the consulting department of OrbitX. 

At OrbitX, we help people to see and understand their data. Gone are the days when insights

from data were restricted to a few erudite analysts and IT professionals.

The era of data discovery presents a new set of challenges for IT. The ability to scale is has become more important than ever - because the value of your data increases with the number of people who are able to make use of it.

While we provide our enterprise platform and data process to our clients we found an enormous needs of getting advices and seek options before people and business really start a new project in IT solutions and data strategies. That's why we now set up Licenio to help with this area.

Licenio specialises in software developmentIT consultancydata management solutions and IT infrastructure services for private client and business organisations.

We’re also developing AI & machine learning platform called Nebula.



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“OrbitX did our CRM and CMS system, and we are using their data processing platform. They are very powerful. We have all data together on the platform with permission levels to different team. The customization is the best part to us. It solved many problems we had when we were using other platforms..”

Business Owner

Catherine Sturaro

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